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F2G Ltd enters research collaboration with Dow AgroSciences

F2G Limited, specialists in research and development of new treatments for serious fungal infections in man, has entered into a research collaboration with Dow AgroSciences LLC, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, a global leader in providing pest management and biotechnology products to improve the quality and quantity of food supplies.

This collaboration will allow both companies to exchange proprietary chemistry, technology and expertise facilitating the discovery of novel products. Dow AgroSciences will develop any resulting leads suitable for use in agrochemicals, pest control and animal health, whilst F2G will concentrate on developments that have pharmaceutical applications. The terms and conditions for the collaboration were not disclosed.

Dow AgroSciences will make selected compound libraries available for F2G to screen for activity against human fungal pathogens; both companies together will synthesize new compounds, which F2G will screen for pharmaceutical potential and Dow AgroSciences for agrochemical utility. Novel fungal targets identified by Dow AgroSciences will be available to F2G, who in turn will help Dow AgroSciences in further target and screen optimisation. F2G will utilize the Dow AgroSciences’ screens for its proprietary compound libraries and those it has access to, in the search for human antifungals.

“We recognise F2G as a company with focus and depth of expertise in human antifungals ranging from its genomic technology to its detailed understanding of the market, and we are very pleased to be collaborating with them in developing the potential of our chemistry in such an important market” said Jim Renga, Global Leader External Technology, Dow AgroSciences.

Ashley Cooper from F2G said, “We are delighted to be working on this collaboration with such a world-renowned company as Dow AgroSciences and are pleased that they have recognized the specialist capabilities of F2G which can bring significant benefits to their fungicide discovery plans. We hope and anticipate that this initial collaboration will lead to a fruitful and ongoing relationship between the two companies, resulting in an expanded range of products that can be discovered for both the pharmaceutical and agrochemical markets. This partnership marks another important step in F2G’s growth from a leading research and development company into a fully commercial drug development organisation”.

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