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F2G Ltd Announces Successful Grant Application

Manchester, England, 10th February 2006 – F2G Limited, specialists in the research and development of new treatments for serious fungal infections in man, has received a European grant of £115,000 as part of the European Resistance Fungal Network consortium (EURESFUN).

F2G are part of a network of institutions that have been awarded funding by the EU to study approaches to the understanding, detection and prevention of antifungal drug resistance in fungal pathogens. The network consists of 8 academic institutions based around Europe, F2G Ltd and one other biotechnology company. The study will last for three years and will examine distinct resistance mechanisms in specific pathogens, and use microarrays to detect novel resistance mechanisms. It is anticipated that molecular investigations will uncover novel antifungal targets, diagnostic tools and markers for resistance surveillance. In addition the incidence and mechanisms of resistance in fungal pathogens around Europe will be studied by collection and analysis susceptibility patterns/resistance mechanisms of fungal strains from around Europe.
It is anticipated that the study will contribute significantly to the understanding of antifungal drug resistance in Europe and provide better diagnostic tools and therapeutic options.

F2G specialises in the research and development of new treatments for serious fungal infections in man. The Company was founded in 1998 on its proprietary genomics technology (MycoBank®) that identifies essential gene targets in fungi. F2G is now advancing its own patented compounds and technologies which will lead to the development of novel agents to treat serious fungal disease. For more information visit


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