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F2G is proud to announce that it has received a SMART award. The award will fund the work required to complete the development and validation of F2G’s novel technology for identification of essential fungal genes, i.e. genes which are vital to the growth and well-being of the fungus. This information will be used by the pharmaceutical industry to develop new and effective drugs for the treatment of serious fungal infections.

The SMART award scheme is run in England and Wales by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Its overall objective is to improve industry’s competitiveness by encouraging innovation in SMEs which can be applied to the development of new products and process to the ultimate benefit of the national economy. The awards are made by the DTI after independent assessments have been made of the degree of innovation and the likelihood of technical success.

Said David Denning, a founder director of F2G, “our success in competing in this round of SMART awards endorses the competitiveness of our technology and is a helpful boost to our confidence during the current round of fund raising”.

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