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Dr Richard White


Richard has a wealth of experience in infectious disease drug discovery. He spent the first 28 years of his career in the pharmaceutical industry in positions at Lepetit (Italy), Glaxo (UK), Lederle (USA), and at Bristol Myers Squibb in Connecticut, where he was Vice President in charge of Infectious Disease Drug Discovery for 12 years. There he was involved with the discovery/development of the cephalopsporins Cefepime and Cefprozil, and the AIDS drugs Didanosine and Zerit. In 1997 he moved to Biotech taking a position at Versicor in California where he became Chief Scientific Officer. In the ensuing 8 years he played an important role in licensing in and development of Dalbavancin and Anidulafungin, taking Versicor public, merging with Biosearch Italia to create Vicuron, and ultimately in achieving a market capital of 1.9 billion dollars when it was sold to Pfizer in September 2005.

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