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Dr Tony Kennedy, PHD


Tony Kennedy, PhD – Chief Scientific & Development Officer

Tony was previously Global Head of Project Management at Roche and a member of its Strategic Marketing Management Team and its Development Committee. He has led global development teams at all stages of development in diverse therapeutic indications in a career with Roche and SmithKline Beecham. More recently he led the development functions at UK Biotech companies Trigen and Vantia. Prior to joining F2G Tony had extensive experience within the anti-infectives arena having led project teams developing novel antibiotics at SB and leading the Roche Gilead joint team for the flu antiviral Tamiflu which was fast-tracked to market in just over 3 years from molecule discovery. Tony was trained in the biological sciences moving from an MRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship at The School of Pharmacy at London University to a Senior Pharmacologist appointment with Roche and leadership responsibilities for discovery projects prior to his transition to full time development leadership roles.

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